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Our project is based on transparency and open communication with our community. We regularly provide updates, information and answer questions to ensure you fully understand our activities.


In order to ensure the safety and stability of the project, we have locked the liquidity pool and team tokens. This practice is intended to ensure that funds are available for trade and exchange while safeguarding the interests of our community.


This is a project aimed at supporting charitable initiatives. Our activities have a positive impact on the community and contribute to change for the better.


We implemented a strategy of burning 10% of each sale. This initiative aims to reduce the availability of tokens in the market, potentially leading to increased value and benefits for holders.


We are not afraid to explore new areas. Therefore, in addition to NFT, the project also plans to provide other solutions that will increase quality and usability for our community.


Success Kid is the result of the commitment and determination of our team. We operate as a well-coordinated team that strives to achieve the set goals and provide innovative solutions. Our passion and commitment are an integral part of the project.









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Phase 1


  • Launch
  • Adding a liquidity pool
  • Liquidity pool locked
  • Renounce ownership
  • Listing on CMC
  • 1 000+ holders

Phase 2


  • Ads
  • Competency awards
  • Airdrop
  • Audit
  • 2 500+ holders
  • Multichain

Phase 3


  • Success Kid NFT
  • 5 000+ holders
  • Coingecko listing
  • CEX listing
  • Mobile app
  • Surprises and more
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We focus on real achievements, where quality is more important than quantity


  • Summary of the first month

    Summary of the first month

    Hello Success Kids! Today we would like to share with you a unique joy and excitement.It’s been one month since we launched our Success Kid project, and we can’t believe how much we’ve achieved in such a short time! It’s really amazing. Over the past month, we have achieved not only an amazing ATH of…

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What is Success Kid?
The Success Kid project on the Binance Smart Chain network is a BEP20 memecoin that refers to the iconic 2007 meme of a child holding a squeak in a clenched hand. This project is an example of a memetoken that was introduced to the cryptocurrency market as a playful form of investment aimed at bringing a smile to users faces. One aspect of Success Kid is that purchase transactions are free, meaning that users are free to acquire these memetokens at no additional cost. However, there is a fee of 10% when selling tokens, which is spent on burning. This burn mechanism contributes to reducing the total supply of Success Kid, which can affect price stability and project value retention. To ensure the effectiveness of sales transactions, it is recommended to set a slippage tolerance of 12%. Initially, the Success Kid project launched with a total supply of 100 billion tokens. However, on the first day after the launch, 5.8 billion tokens were burned. This burn operation had a huge impact on Success Kid’s supply, reducing it and affecting the price in the market. Reducing the supply may lead to a potential increase in the value of the tokens held. It is worth noting, however, that Success Kid has no real use in the traditional sense. It is a memecoin in the full sense of the word. Its value to the community lies in the humor and nostalgia associated with the original meme. Success Kid is a cheerful initiative that refers to memories and emotions associated with a dose of humor.
What are the advantages of the Success Kid project?
Success Kid offers many advantages such as supply burning, locked liquidity pool, team commitment, security and transparency. Our project also has plans for NFT and charity.
What are Success Kid’s development plans?
Success Kid has ambitious development plans, such as increasing the number of token holders, listing on exchanges, establishing partnerships with charitable foundations, introducing community rewards, as well as developing NFT and many others.
How can I contact the Success Kid team?
If you have any questions or want to get in touch with the Success Kid team you can send a message to our email address: or tag @cryptocarlsccs on our Telegram group.
What is the Success Kid token contract address?
The Success Kid contract address on Binance Smart Chain is 0x7D7CE2c7e1d69deBE2219d9F33770fafd1AC29EE
How can I join the Success Kid community?
You can join the Success Kid community by purchasing our token and becoming a holder. You can also follow our social media and participate in our activities.
Is Success Kid safe?
Yes, Success Kid cares about the safety of its community. We have a locked liquidity pool and team tokens, which shows our commitment and long-term vision for the project.
How can I track the progress of the Success Kid project?
You can follow the progress of the Success Kid project by visiting our website, joining our Telegram group, and following our social media profiles where we provide regular project updates.
How to sell the Success Kid token?
In order to sell Success Kid tokens, it is recommended to set the slippage to 12%. Setting the slippage at this level will ensure smooth transactions and minimize the risk of errors. Please keep in mind that the slippage value may vary depending on the trading platform, so always check the current slippage guidelines for your exchange or cryptocurrency wallet.

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