Summary of the first month



Hello Success Kids!

Today we would like to share with you a unique joy and excitement.
It’s been one month since we launched our Success Kid project, and we can’t believe how much we’ve achieved in such a short time! It’s really amazing.

Over the past month, we have achieved not only an amazing ATH of almost 8500%
with a volume of $130 000, but also thanks to less than 5 000 trades and an average
400 holders were burned as much as 30% of the total supply of tokens.
This is a really great result considering the number of holders and the volume of transactions. This time has also brought us listings on smaller and larger sites in the industry, including CoinMarketCap. Our only “failure” is a failed listing on Coingecko due to low organic traffic, but our community of investors and project enthusiasts is constantly growing, so sooner or later we will appear there and thanks to this, it will open up new opportunities for us to reach a larger group of investors.

Success Kid is a long-term project, so the next step will be the introduction of NFT technology, which will bring even more value to our project. We believe that the unique and collectible Success Kid NFTs will attract great interest and will contribute to the development of our community as well as become a pilot part of our charity activities.

Our charitable work is an integral part of our project. We are proud that with time we will be able to engage in various initiatives and help those in need. Our community is the heart of Success Kid, and our charitable causes are how we can contribute to the well-being of others.

Shouldn’t most similar projects look like this? The world would be so much better.
Unfortunately, in the world of cryptocurrencies, not everyone shares our opinion and you can meet many fraudsters. This also affected us during marketing campaigns, which is why we are here to create value and give you confidence that our Success Kid project is solid and long-term. We want you to be aware and well informed, which is why we always provide up-to-date information and clear messages.

Looking ahead, we have many exciting plans and ideas. We are constantly looking for ways to make our project even more valuable and attractive to our investors and users.
Thank you all for the support and trust you show to our project.

Without you, our journey would not have been so inspiring and rewarding.
We are sure that together we will achieve even greater success and build something unique.

We encourage you to visit our blog regularly, where we will share the latest information and progress of our project. Together we will make Success Kid great!

Crypto Carl – Founder